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Finland News: April 11

Verna Sinderman for the Lake County News-Chronicle

Josh, Julie and Ava Arnold arrived on Friday to spend the weekend with Julie’s parents, Ric and Diane Lindberg, and to attend the special 100th

birthday celebration of Julie’s grandmother, Lila Hangartner .

A 100th birthday celebration was held at Carefree Living for Lila

Hangarnter on Sunday afternoon, April 6. It was a fun get together

visiting with many relatives and friends. Those from out of town who came were Paul and Ginger Tolzmann of Maple Grove and Harold and JoAnne Backman from Twig.

Lila is the second oldest known resident of Crystal Bay Township. It is very unique that Lila was born and raised in about a two mile area. The first oldest person in Crystal Bay Township was Grandma Baker, mother of Frank Baker. Frank was an uncle to Viola Haveri. They lived in the

Wilson Lake/Wanless area.

Grandma Baker was 103 when she

died in the early 1040s.