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ELECTION 2012: Beaver Bay Mayor

Beaver Bay mayor

Candidate: Kent Shamblin (i)

Occupation: Retired; community volunteer

Education: Master's degree in journalism

What are the most pressing issues for the city? What will you do to address these?

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our city operations; maintaining a profitable municipal liquor bar and off-sale store; repairs and replacements of elements of our city water and sewer systems to assure reliable service; reducing the city tax levy. I will take a leadership role in examining and improving city administration and improvements in our water and sewer systems and reconfiguring our municipal operation to expand off-sales store to achieve increased revenue.

What qualities will you bring to the position of mayor?

Considerable experience in municipal planning, governance, city financial management, taxation and personnel administration. Have served in leadership roles in number of organizations, including business, churches, charities, city commissions, civic associations and health care. Learned a great deal about effective city governance and achieved improvements in municipal operations and administration. Am able to work with the public and differing opinions of what should be done about difficult challenges and situations and how to do it.

Candidate: Barbara Sterett (write-in candidate)

Occupation: Sales

Education: Associates Degree - Accounting

What are the most pressing issues for the city? What will you do to address these?

The most pressing issue the City of Beaver Bay is facing is to increase the profits of our Municipal Liquor Store (The Green Door). I have been a member of the Liquor Advisory Committee for the past year. We are in the process of taking the following steps to increase profits 1. Expand the size of Off-Sale 2. Restore The Green Door to reflect the History of Beaver Bay 3. Create a more family friendly atmosphere 4. More outdoor events 5. Add simple food service with regard to the Trailside Park coming to Beaver Bay 6. Hold continuous "Restore Our History Fundraisers" to off-set renovation costs.

The Beautification Committee doing projects to enhance the History of our City. Together, I believe we can create an atmosphere that will encourage tourism creating more profit for local business. Municipal Liquor Store profits will be used to off-set City costs or for future projects.

What qualities will you bring to the position of mayor?

I served as Mayor for three terms. I feel I have developed the skills needed to assist the City in any endeavors it may have. WRITE IN.....BARBARA STERETT.....MAYOR....CITY OF BEAVER BAY.