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Editorial: City has an ugly walk of shame

You'll read about some donkeys coming to town next week for a basketball game but we say they are already here.

Yes, this means those who have trod all over the newly minted sidewalks along First Avenue in downtown Two Harbors.

It's beyond belief that anyone could be so selfish and full of civic disregard as to mar what has transformed a downtrodden part of the city into a place of renewed hope for revival.

Yes, a fresh road and sidewalks can be the key to a new cityscape set to inspire new business and beauty to the area.

Unfortunately, there are those donkeys among us who insist, just like last year when Waterfront Drive was being finished, on clodhopping all over wet cement and leaving their mark.

Over by city hall the footprints are too deep to let go as they pose a walking hazard.

In this week's police report, there's a note about some good citizen catching someone marring the walkway in front of the bowling alley. They face charges. Serves them right.

We heard word that when paving the first parts of the sidewalk last month, Northland crew members nabbed some kids mucking up the works and handed them a trowel to fix the pavement on the spot. A lesson well taught.

It's disheartening to walk into our News-Chronicle office every day only to see the signature put on the sidewalk by another miscreant last fall. He was stupid enough to put his actual name on the walk and was also dealt with by police.

All over Waterfront are the footprints of those who thought their trip to the post office was more important than any amount of civic pride.

Really? Is it this hard to stay off of clearly marked spaces until they are ready for your foot traffic.

Is this the best the people of Two Harbors can do? Are these marred sidewalks all we deserve?

It's time for people to start thinking of civic projects as if they were in front of your own home. Would you walk there and leave your ugly mark for future generations?

Don't be a donkey.