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District 4 candidate: Mary Rosati

Mary Rosati, substitute teacher at Lake Superior School District

Mary is married to Richard and has six children, 11 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. She received her bachelor of science from St. Petersburg College in Florida. She served on the Two Harbors City Council for 12 years, managed The Place at the Two Harbors Community Center and has been on the Heritage Days committee for 20 years.

Q: Why did you choose to run for the vacant District 4 seat?

A: I decided to run because I have run before and I feel I would be a good fit for that position. Several people asked me, so I decided to do it.

Q: What unique qualities will you bring to the position?

A: I bring 12 years of community service with my service on the Two Harbors City Council. I'm honest and up-front. I'm not afraid to ask questions. I serve my constituents and I do not have a personal agenda.

Q: What are the most pressing issues for the county?

A: Sticking to the budget. Now that we have broadband and it's up and working, we need to get as many people to sign up as we possibly can so it actually works for us. To make sure that we maintain our roads and maintain the things that our county is required to do make sure that our employees are happy.