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District 4 candidate: Amy Stark

Amy Stark, Supervisor for Lake County Health and Human


Amy is married to John and has two daughters, Kate and Sarah, and a grandson, Owen. She received of Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota Duluth with a double major in psychology and communications. She is a former small business owner at The Oldest Sister Gift Emporium, a former licensed service provider for Lake County semi-independent living services and is a current board member for the Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging, North Shore Area Partners and Community Partners (vice-chair).

Q: Why did you choose to run for the vacant District 4 seat?

A: When this special election was announced, I was approached by others to consider running because of my strong advocacy skills. This piqued my interest and I realized it was a natural career move as I have years of experience on consortiums and commissions locally and regionally.

Q: What unique qualities will you bring to the position?

A: My employment has been connected to Lake County for the past 20 years as a contractor, social worker and supervisor. I am very familiar with the workings of health and human services, which is the largest department within the county in terms of service delivery and budget. My strength of knowledge is in home and community based services for the aging and disabled population.

Q: What are the most pressing issues for the county?

A: Strong oversight of the broadband project is necessary. This project has potential to be a great opportunity for our area. However, if mismanaged it will be a detriment to the tax payers.

It is likely copper mining will become a reality within our borders. The economic impact will be substantial - a possibility of thousands of jobs for our region, but there are unanswered questions in regard to environment impact. We have to ensure that efforts to create needed jobs in the region do not include relaxing or repealing current environmental laws.

Workforce stability within the county system needs to be addressed. You see the ads for county positions posted regularly. We need to attract and maintain a quality workforce, ideally keeping our young people here.

Ensuring there is an infrastructure in place to care for the aging and disabled with the upcoming demographic shift. People are living longer, the Baby Boomers are seniors and we already have a high percentage of residents over 60. Our current system will not be able to cover the demand expected for people to remain in their homes as they age.