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Deciding Honking Tree's future

Two Harbors mayor Randy Bolen Jr. has scheduled a public meeting for Tuesday, May 12, to gather input about what should be done with the remains of the Honking Tree.

The 6 p.m. meeting will be held at the Community Center.

"I've had tons and tons of phone calls and emails," Bolen said on Tuesday. "I can't believe the response."

Many people want to donate money to replace the tree, but even more are concerned about what will happen to the trunk, Bolen said. John Bray, special assistant to the district engineer for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, said that although the tree was owned by MnDOT, they intend to give it to the city.

Bolen plans to gather ideas from those written in online article comments, from his phone calls and emails, and from the public meeting.

Suggestions have ranged from cutting it into slabs to be distributed as souvenirs, to turning it into a chain saw carving.

"It's fitting to let the community decide what to do with it," he said.