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Boundary Waters fire quiet; crews head home

The Pagami Creek fire is officially "unstaffed" as of today after a two month battle against Minnesota's largest forest fire in decades. Following are some of the final facts.

Location: About 13 miles east of Ely

Date started: Aug. 18

Cause: Lightning strike

Total acres involved: 93,000, or 145 square miles

Biggest day: Fire burned across 16 miles, or about 75,000 acres, on Sept. 12.

Containment: About 91 percent. No additional containment is expected.

Cost to fight: About $22 million

Private property burned: None

Buildings burned: One remote cabin used by state conservation officers

Campsites damaged beyond use: Fewer than 10

Firefighters: Some 960 at peak in late September; zero as of today, although dozens of personnel continue to pack up gear and equipment.

Fire hose used: 150 miles, enough to stretch from Duluth to Minneapolis.

Ongoing: Ground and aerial patrols will continue to check for hotspots even though active firefighting has ended.