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Ask a Trooper: Traffic warnings

Question: How long does a written warning ticket for speeding, for example, stay on your record?

Answer: A paper warning does not go on your driving record. As for citations for speed, according to Driver and Vehicle Services, speeding tickets generally stay on record for five years, serious speeds are 10 years. Warnings are often tracked on officer's computers, so they might know if you were or weren't stopped for certain violations, but this does not count as being on your record.

You should know that speeding is a leading contributing factor in Minnesota's fatal crashes, accounting for at least 130 deaths annually, of which 70 percent occur on rural, two-lane roads. Young adult motorists are the most common offenders and those at greatest risk. We find that when speeds are up, so are the number of serious and fatal injury crashes. When the speeds are down, so are the crashes. Speeding and crashes are directly related.