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Appointed county positions opinion: Sign the petition

From Don Graden

Two Harbors

Too little too late. Monday, March 17, I submitted a letter to the editor stating my view that the Lake County Board of Commissioners should not have the right to select the head of the auditor and recorder offices. It should be left to the voters to make that decision through the election process.

Tuesday night, March 18, there was a public meeting for the attendees to voice their concerns on this issue. If you read last week’s Chronicle, there were several who spoke for, but most spoke against letting the board make that choice. At the end of the discussion period the five board members voted to give themselves the power of selection.

Unfortunately, my letter was published Friday, March 21. It was too late, but hopefully it helped people understand this issue better.

There were many people who were unhappy with the board’s decision, myself included. So a grassroots movement has started in the form of a petition to overturn the board’s right to choose the department heads and put the decision back into the hands of voters. To accomplish this, we will need over 740 signatures. We’ll need all the help we can get.

Forms are available at the Costley Law Firm, or just stop in and sign your name. We don’t want to give up any of our rights to free election.