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Addiction treatment to be offered in Two Harbors

The Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment will triple its efforts in Two Harbors next year, offering an intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program for 12 hours a week along with the current six hours of outpatient treatment at Lake View Memorial Hospital.

Center directors said they recognized a need for a more intensive program in the community and began plans to offer a program beginning Jan. 6.

Julie Seitz, the clinical director for the center, said “there has been an enormous amount of success” with the current program.

“There’s a greater need for intensive outreach,” she said.

The state definition of “intensive” simply is the number of hours a patient is in sessions each week. While the six-hour weekly program will remain intact, the 12 hours per week rises to the “intensive” level.

“We want people in Two Harbors and the surrounding area to have an opportunity to establish a foundation for long-term recovery right in their local community,” Tina Silverness, the chief operating officer at the center, said. “Offering an intensive outpatient program allows them the chance to get the level of care and support they need without having to travel to Duluth.”

Outpatient treatment at the hospital began in August with two three-hour group meetings a week. Now it will offer four sessions beginning at 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Group sizes for the six-hour treatment hovered from four to six people, Seitz said.

Seitz said the hospital asked for the service since it lost its longtime director of similar meetings. It had gone without service for most of the year before the center stepped in four months ago.

“Lake View sought us out,” she said.

Both programs include substance abuse assessments and outpatient group therapy sessions.

The Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment is a nonprofit community agency based in Duluth. It was founded in 1961 to provide treatment and recovery services for people with chemical use addictions and the problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse and gambling problems.

Its programs include residential inpatient treatment; outpatient treatment; a detoxification facility; DUI programs and medically assisted recovery; and long-term residential programs and aftercare.

Those who would like to know more about the Two Harbors programs or who would like to schedule an appointment for an assessment should call (218) 723-8444 and ask for the Two Harbors program.

Sietz said success in Two Harbors could mean treatment programs in other areas outside of Duluth.

“Things are going very well in Two Harbors,” she said.