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Lake County Past: Sept. 8


Boats delayed by serious rail wreck

Traffic on the DM&IR from all points except Biwabik and the Vermilion range was tied up and boats delayed on account of the most serious wreck in years, which occurred early Saturday morning.

A southbound train pulled by the huge Mallet 225, one of the biggest and newest owned by the DM&IR, hauling over 75 loaded ore cars, crashed into another ore train at the crossover at Pettit. The big engine plunged from the track and partly buried itself in an embankment and a score of loaded cars were buckled and wrecked by the impact. The locomotive was enroute to Two Harbors when the wreck occurred.

The cranes were put into service immediately and wrecking crews are still at the scene clearing up the twisted masses of steel.

The accident was not without fortunate aspects in that none was injured, and had the huge engine gone 200 feet further, it would have sunk into a quagmire from which it never could have been recovered. The railroad company, when these tracks were built, spent a vast amount of money filling on account of the fact that the bog seemed bottomless.

One track was made passable at the end of 24 hours and traffic Sunday was resumed at normal. Responsibility for the disaster will not be known until the official investigation has been made.

Lake County blackout held soon

In the very near future, a test blackout will take place in Two Harbors and vicinity at which time the people will be asked to cooperate to the fullest extent.

The primary purpose of the test is to give the personnel of the various services of the local Citizens Defense Corps a chance to test their organizations — such as the control center, air raid wardens, police and fire departments, emergency services, etc. There are 15 different services in all which will be called upon to function during air raid conditions.

The other reason for conducting a test blackout is to acquaint the citizens of the necessity for blacking out their homes to meet all regulations. Home regulations require that there must be absolutely no light showing from within the home.

All stores, taverns, garages, theatres, etc., must, of course, blackout their doors and windows — if they wish to remain open after dark. Otherwise they must close up or turn out their lights.

During a blackout, all cars and vehicles including bicycles, must pull into the curb and stop and turn off all lights.

Persons who may be some distances from home, must remain where they are and will not be permitted to cross any street or avenue. They are required to remain quiet and orderly and not smoke or light any matches during a blackout.

The local defense corps are asking the people of all outlying communities in the county to put out their lights and refrain from using their cars on highways in the county during the time set for the blackout.