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Lake County Past: Aug. 11


Chicken surprise

A pleasant chicken surprise was given on Mrs. Soderlund at Waldo. All the ladies of the surrounding country each brought a chicken to start their chicken farm. An excellent lunch was served by the ladies. They all went home as the last rays of the sun shone over the hill and wishing their hens to do their best.

Annual outing

Twenty-five members of the Prairie club of Chicago went through on the steamer America of the Booth line bound for Beaver Bay where they will camp for several weeks. This is their annual outing. Each year they spend some time in camp of the shores of Lake Superior but this is the first time that they have established headquarters so close to Two Harbors. The club has its own tents and equipment, and its own cooks. The members live in style and on the best of everything that the neighborhood of the camp affords. It is said that the Lake Superior climate, the fishing afforded and the general outing long ago made a hit with the Chicago men, and each member makes a special effort each year to take part in the pilgrimage to this part of the country.


Wm. E. Scott is inducted into Ojibway tribe

A large delegation from Two Harbors attended the fourteenth annual historical assembly meeting held at Fort William.

R.B. Elliott, representing the Lake county society, read a paper, "History of Iron Ore Industry in Lake Superior Basin," at an afternoon meeting.

Four members of the assembly were made honorary members of the Chippewa Ojibway tribe. Judge William Scott was one of the four and he made his acceptance speech in the Ojibway language and presented them with gifts.


Big rock garden?

Perhaps you've been wondering who is making the big rock garden? Those trucks rumbling by with the HUGE boulders (sometimes one per truck) are coming from the Silver Cliff tunnel construction site and are being dumped near the old merchandise dock near the Two Harbors Depot. From there they travel by dredge to the site of the breakwater on the far side of the ore docks — nearer to Pork City Hill. The boulders are being used to reinforce that smaller, less public breakwater.

Ground breaking

It is now official: the new Two Harbors fire hall is finally on its way.

The $500,000 hall, which will be on Highway 2 where the curling club once stood, will include room for six trucks, and office area, work room and training room. It replaces the former movie theater building, which had been used for the past 30 years.

In the past, only three trucks were quartered in the building, and training meetings for the 19 firemen had to be held at the community center or in the schools.

The fire and civil defence sirens may also be moved to a location near the new fire hall, however, firemen now rely more on pager notification than they do the siren.