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Lake County Past: July 14



War has a curious effect on civilians. There is a tendency to "let go," to do things in excess at a time when prudence ought to govern every action.

The man who turns to a glass of beer for relaxation and mild stimulation during these times is fortunate in this respect. For beer, being a beverage of moderation, encourages moderation in all things. Morale they call it.

Remember that morale can't be bought over the counter during wartime. It must be built from those human resources of courage, understanding and justice which true sobriety fosters.

Published in behalf of the following Minnesota Breweries: Fitger, Fleckenstein, Gluek, Grain Belt, Hamm, Hauenstein, Jordan, Karlsbrau, Kato, Kiewel, Peoples, Schell and Schmidt

Cow moose visits city

A cow moose invaded the city and roamed the streets early Sunday morning. Duck Hill first saw the animal as it walked over east First Avenue and saw it again roaming the grounds at the Minnesota State Guard headquarters.

The cat's out of the bag

We hope this comes to the attention of the man, who on Sunday afternoon on Fifth street between Third and Fourth Avenues, stealthily peered about and then "shooed" two little kittens out of a paper bag and walked away from the abandonment.

Now, whether this man was kind-hearted or cold-blooded is a mystery. Perhaps he had orders to put an end to the kittens' lives and didn't have the heart to perform the act. At any rate, we are happy to relate that each of the kittens has been given a good home.

Finds first piece of ore

Thomas Owens in looking over personal belongings at his home, came across a piece of iron ore in a 5-pound lump taken from the first carload of ore brought to Two Harbors on July 30, 1884 by George M. Thompson, former foreman in the paint shop. Labeled to this effect, the relic has been turned over to the Lake County Historical Society.

Ore carrier breaks in half

The ore carrier, Eugene J. Buffington, lies broken in two pieces on a reef in Lake Michigan, 17 miles west of Beaver Island, with her cargo of 13,000 tons of iron ore. The boat, bound for Chicago, cleared the Two Harbors port last Friday with her cargo. She is a Pittsburgh Steamship Co. carrier.

Forty-two members of the crew were rescued Monday by coast guardsmen, some taken to Beaver Island and nine brought to Charlevoix, Mich. Three were left aboard to await the arrival of a tug from Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Plans are underway now by the boat's skipper for salvage of the boat and its cargo.

Haze covers northwest

Citizens of this city were certain that the forest surrounding Two Harbors were ablaze because of the haziness in the air. The haze was spread from Montana to Chicago and from the Canadian border to as far south as Iowa. It came all the way from brush fires in northwest Canada, near Alaska.