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Lake County Past: May 19


Storm gives scare; many trees down

Wind Velocity reaches 60 mph; resort hard hit

Outside of discomforts suffered from a severe 61 mph wind and a number of fallen trees, Two Harbors received no real damage from the tornado that struck at 2:30 Friday afternoon. The storm came from a southerly direction across the lake. Two Harbors damage amounted to the blowing down of 20 trees in the city park area north of Fourth Avenue.

The resort of Roy B. Lewis on Highway 61 suffered the loss of three cabins when the wind took their roofs off, blowing them up to the highway. All along Highway 61 between Duluth and Two Harbors and as far north as Encampment, tall spruce and balsam were blown over by the wind.

Hardest hit was an area at Knife River and below French River. Two large trees were blown across the stone work at the historic landmark of Buchanen, south of Knife River. The balsam were all broken at the trunk base and spruce trees were ripped right up by the roots.

Many people in the rural districts were badly frightened and took to their root cellars. Such a storm in this area is very rare. Duluth damage was very high, with thousands of dollars lost in destruction of buildings. Roofs were blown off and windows broken. Lights went out leaving the city in the darkness of the storm.

Scrap iron dance was big success

The "scrap iron dance" held at the Beaver Bay Community Hall was a huge success in attendance and proceeds. This was one dance where the admission could not be carried in one's pockets but had to be carried there. The price of admission was 25 pounds of scrap iron, and then dance time rolled around, 9 tons of iron scrap was piled up in front of the hall. Enough old tires to build a tall chimney were also brought to the place.

Folks at Beaver Bay took the idea with a laugh, everybody was picking up scrap and all day long it rolled in by truck or trailer and even in little tin wagon loads. Victor Anderson drove in Saturday to get the mail, telling his wife he would be right back, but he was delayed because folks in Beaver Bay had him hauling at least three loads. Lisbet Holten and Patsy Lorntson put in the whole day with their pickup and worked the shore as far as the Baptism River, with the result, three loads and two tired girls with a dance ahead of them.

Proceeds of the sale of scrap will be divided equally between the army and navy relief organizations.

6,386 get sugar cards

A total of 6,386 persons in Lake County registered for sugar rationing. Of this amount, 4,863 were from Two Harbors. The sugar rationing was handled in Two Harbors as in other communities by the school teachers of the Minnehaha and John A. Johnson school.