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Lake County Past: May 12


Rationing of sugar

Officials in Washington have stated that the program will get underway as scheduled. The local rationing board has sent the qualifying sheet asking that persons familiarize themselves with what they will have to do when they register:

• Number of pounds of sugar in family unit (white and brown sugar).

• Number of people living in family unit.

• Description of each person living in family unit (does NOT include hired individuals living in the family unit).


Open house ready at local store

Last fall, owners of Falk Drug in Two Harbors embarked on a plan to expand their store. Owners of the store, now doubled in capacity of service and entirely redecorated and carpeted, are Ted Norlen and Joseph Zastera.

The expansion and modernization program was launched on a big scale last November and was completed in late winter, though business went on as usual during the expansion operation. Floor space was approximately doubled and that expansion enabled the owners to segregate the many departments of their operation and to display to maximum advantage all of the segments of the business.

Wind pounds North Shore; lines downed

A wind of virtual gale proportions swept from Lake Superior's 400-mile length last Sunday, reaching a crescendo at about 11 p.m. There was no major damage along the North Shore, which was beaten by gigantic waves along the shoreline. The wind brought heavy rains to the area and north of the lake the rain caused ice on wires and trees.

A number of trees in the Waldo area and in the area further north were blown down by the force of the northeast wind. Twisting winds at the height of the storm raised havoc with trees, particularly in the Kane-Marble lake area and at Thomas Lake and linemen of the local power firm were still working to restore service Wednesday.

Owners of cabins on all three lakes, heavily lined with summer homes, faced weeks of cleaning up and power repairmen had to chop their way in on roads leading around Thomas Lake and between Kane and Marbles lakes. One Two Harbors man was injured Monday afternoon when a pole he was helping restore whipped around and crashed into his face.

The falling trees and some ice formations away from the lake caused power outages for the Cooperative Light and Power Co. of Lake County, with most of the damage from the blown over trees. Damage was reported particularly heavy by the electric firm in the Lax Lake and Pequaywan Lake areas.

Officials of Gopher State Telephone Co. also reported service interruptions in the area from Waldo north to Bassett Lake, where falling trees and ice on lines also caused some service interruptions. Huge waves pounded the rocky shores of the north shore, sending columns of spray high into the air and washing against some buildings close to the shoreline,

Winds diminished during the early hours of Monday but May was greeted with subnormal temperatures and overcast skies.