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Lake County Past: Feb 17


Schools have air raid drills

The students of the high school and Minnehaha school practiced air raid drills at their respective schools and the John A. Johnson pupils had an air raid drill. The students did very well and their drills went over smoothly. All students were taken to the basement in the Minnehaha, and at the high school, were taken to the two lower floors in the building, and the same at the Johnson school.

Finland Co-op

Work has begun on the remodeling of the interior of the Co-op store. The wall between the storeroom and the main part of the building will be torn down to make room for a meat department. John Punkka of Isabella and Victor Sampson are carpenters on the job.

Men 20-44 register in third draft

A large number of men in Lake County must register for the third draft for military service under the Selective Service Act. The registration will include all men who have attained their 20th birthday on or before Dec. 31, 1941 and have not attained their 45th birthday by Feb. 16, 1942, and who have not heretofore registered. Registrants will answer nine simple questions: Name, residence, mailing address, telephone, age in years and date of birth, place of birth, name and address of person who will always know your address, place of employment or business. The place of residence indicated will determine the local board having jurisdiction.


Quite a ride

An oil tanker tumbled down an embankment just past Crow Creek. The driver escaped with serious injury when two trees prevented the cab from being totally crushed around him. Cleanup crews pumped out the remaining oil from the tanker but an estimated 1,900 gallons of number one and two heating fuel escaped into the surrounding ground. It is difficult to assess just how much might have made it into the Lake Superior, though Department of Natural Resources personnel reported a visible sheen of fuel was sighted a mile up shore from the spill site. The site will be monitored into spring to assess damages.

Log cabin is long gone

Although it was long gone by the time the current remodeling began at United Church, the little log structure is still a point of interest among members who remember it, or heard about it. According to Lenny Nauha, the cabin was built in the late 1930s by J.L. Cleveland, a local dairy farmer who also taught Sunday school to the high school boys. "It sat at the west end of the basement, where the elevator is now," Nauha said. In it, meetings and indoor picnics were held by a group of boys from the church and community. Those same boys grew up, went off to World War II, and some didn't return. For whatever reason, the next generation didn't use the building. It began to accumulate junk and was finally torn down in the early 1950s. "They replaced it with a shuffleboard," Nauha said. "That, too, disappeared years ago."