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All’s well that ends well, but…

Lake County News-Chronicle columnist Jim Manahan had an up–close and personal encounter with a snow bank on Monday. Icy conditions have made roadways slick throughout the region. Be careful out there folks. Photo by Bernie Bischoff.

This week’s frigid temperatures have rendered driving surfaces icy and treacherous; just ask Lake County News-Chronicle columnist and local attorney, Jim Manahan of Silver Bay.

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After a meeting at the law enforcement center Monday evening, Manahan planned to have dinner with some friends, but noticed that he had lost a glove and wanted to find the errant item. He dropped wife Cristina at the restaurant where the friends had gathered, but drove back down Waterfront Drive in Two Harbors on his quest, moments later finding himself in a snow bank near United Church. Cristina reported that Jim is in fine fettle despite the experience, but the couple’s SUV is somewhat worse for the wear.

“Yes, (it’s) our old Durango! It’s very dear to us because we had traveled the country in it for six years,” she said, happily adding that “Jim is okay as always, positive and cheerful.”

As for the missing glove, it was in the back seat all the time.

“What an expensive glove!” Cristina said.

Be careful out there folks.