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Students overcome with Frolic

Members of the Two Harbors football team, left, have volunteered to place around town the wooden boxes forming the snow for sculptures. Matt Suoja1 / 3
Last year's Millte Miss was Sarah Fjeran.2 / 3
Last year's Miss Winter Frolic was Tara McLaughlin.3 / 3

There will be a coronation for Little Miss Winter Frolic Feb. 4. Girls in grades 4 and 5 who live in Two Harbors have been asked to submit essays of 50 to 100 words on "Why I love winter in Two Harbors." They will be judged on content and creativity. The entry deadline passed on Monday and we were able to get a sampling of what some of the girls wrote and, in one case, drew for their entries. Last year's Little Miss was Sarah Fjeran. The coronation will take place during lunch hour at Minnehaha Elementary that Thursday.

I Love Winter

I love winter in Two Harbors. One reason I love winter is I like nature. When I go skiing on the city trail I try to be as quiet as I can in hopes of hearing animals. It's easy to find animals when I'm skiing because they leave tracks. I love snowshoeing with my dog. She sometimes pounces in the snow. I love being outside during winter. The air always is so crisp and fresh. My favorite thing about winter is Christmas. My whole family comes up to enjoy the beautiful city and enjoy a real winter.

Why I Like Winter

I like winter in Two Harbors for many reasons.

One reason is the holiday giving. Giving to the animal shelters, local food shelves, and toys to the kids across seas less fortunate than us.

Another reason is the snow. It's awesome to see the light in a childs face when their parents say "it snowed"!

My last reason is different from the others. I think every year the winter holds a secret, or mystery, lets see what it brings this year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sell those buttons and get a crown

Miss Winter Frolic candidates are anyone who chooses to sell buttons for the event. The girl with the most sales will be crowned at halftime of the basketball game at Two Harbors High School Feb. 4. The 2009 Miss Winter Frolic, Tara McLaughlin, looks back on the past year:

Being Miss Winter Frolic was an interesting experience the past year. I became Miss Winter Frolic because of all the support I had from all my friends and family who bought a button from me. I got to wear a beautiful crown, a sash that says "Miss Winter Frolic" and a beautiful white bouquet of flowers.

I had fun because I got to be the first Miss Winter Frolic in a long time. It was cold, but fun to ride in the Winter Frolic Parade, which is the first event I was in after being crowned. In the parade we got to ride on a trailer with fake snow and we sat on chairs with a blow up snow family in front of us. I had fun at Heritage Day Parade even if the weather was not perfect. Me and Little Miss Sarah Fjeran made the best of it and had a blast. We got to throw candy, hide from water balloons, and just have a fun time waving to all our friends and family.

We got to ride on a vintage snowmobile on the back of a trailer which was sweet. Sarah and I had fun during the Christmas City of the North Parade even if it was cold. We joked and made each other laugh the whole parade. In this parade we sat on a bench that was on a trailer with fake snow and again the snowman family was in front of us.

While being Miss Winter Frolic I got to meet people I have never met before. It was funny to hear everyone calling me royalty and a queen. But it was one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had and I am glad that I had the opportunity. I was proud to be Miss Winter Frolic for the past year and I can't wait to see who the next Miss will be when I crown her in February. I hope they enjoy being Miss Winter Frolic as much as Sarah and I did. I'm glad more people are getting involved in the Winter Frolic activities in Two Harbors.

Rock out

A "Battle of the Bands" will take place Feb. 5 at Two Harbors High School with proceeds helping to pay for the school band's annual trip. The next trip is to Kansas City. Students and teachers are being encouraged to crank it up that Friday beginning at 7 p.m. Band members will also be raising money by selling items at the concession stands the following night at the first Snow Ball orchestra dance beginning at 6 p.m.

For more on all the Frolic frenzy and to sign up for events, visit the Two Harbors Chamber of Commerce web page at or call 834-2600.